Sky Mountain

Sky Mountain was a one-of-a-kind Super Behemoth created by Lord Abbadon Rulinian in an attempt to reconquer Barsaive. It was powered by a bound Jinari spirit from the province of Marac, who both powered the vessel and kept the giant Horror bound in the middle of it. The Horror itself was a living weapon of sorts for the vessel, capable of firing a magical beam that could level mountains. The Jinari also created other magical effects in and around the vessel, including making the vessel invisible from the ground and an enchantment that would allow wearers of a magical talisman to fly, as long as they remain near Sky Mountain.

Sky Mountain made it as far as the middle of Barsaive before it was defeated by Throalic troops and The Passions Champions, who freed the trapped spirit which then compelled the Horror to destroy the vessel and itself.

GM Commentary:

Sky Mountain was the Death Star in my first ED adventure, which was a retelling of Star Wars: A New Hope.

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Sky Mountain

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