The Broken Chains

The Broken Chains are a loosely-organized alliance of followers of the Passion Lochost and of his champion, Valaria Florrent Darkfire. When Valaria’s legend began to spread across Barsaive, many dozens of Name-givers wanted to emulate her or even just lend their aid to her cause. Not being comfortable leading others, Valaria has encouraged all who follow her to choose their own path to service in Lochost’s Name, rather than let someone else tell them how they should serve. The result of this has been a decentralized effort, united by faith in Lochost and the principles of freedom itself.

The Broken Chains consist of many different kinds of Name-givers, giving whatever they can. Some are Adepts and Questors, some are warriors or soldiers, others are merchants, nobles, spies or thieves. Some are even elderly or disabled Name-givers, giving what they can and helping in whatever way possible. All are united in their devotion to Lochost and their admiration of Valaria’s great deeds.

After the Iopan War, the Broken Chains became more active in Cara Fahd, where the Iron Legacy was beginning to exert greater influence. Valaria and Brimmel fought alongside the Chains against the Iron Legacy, freeing slaves and killing or driving off slavers based in the Theran province of Vivane.

Since the death of Lochost, many of the Broken Chains have been lost to madness or grief. Those with the strength of mind to maintain their sanity have clung to their faith, fragile though it may be.

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The Broken Chains

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