The Citadel of Tirthon

The Citadel of Tirthon was created before the Scourge by a group of Theran sympathizers who brought their slaves into the citadel with them. During the Scourge, when the Passion Erendis became the Mad Passion Dis, Lochost acted to oppose her newly twisted influence, and the two battled personally and in the minds and hearts of Name-givers everywhere. One of their most pitched battles was in the Citadel of Tirthon.

The slaves rose against their masters inspired by the power of Lochost, and the masters crushed their resistance with the power of Dis. The two sides fought endlessly, their battles bloodier and more violent each time. Dis and Lochost poured more and more power into them, eventually infusing the walls of the citadel itself with their conflicting power. When the last Name-giver died, the power of Dis and Lochost remained within the walls, infecting any who got near the ruins.

After the Scourge, a group of Cavalrymen adepts led by a former Scorcher Named Zarass Icethought found the ruins, seeking to gain favor with Krathis Gron and become heroes of Cara Fahd. Zarass, however, was unable to resist Dis’ overwhelming influence, and began to dominate and enslave her men. Some resisted, and were clapped in chains and caged, while those that joined her were set to performing mindless tasks endlessly, while Zarass herself began to count and catalog the stones of the citadel, writing her results onto her skin.

Finally, the Passion’s Champions discovered them in the jungle, and found the Orks that had been enslaved. The Orks aligned with Dis began to prepare for a fight, and those aligned with Lochost armed themselves with rocks and stones as well. Valaria and Phylinius saw what seemed to be the Passions themselves moving with the groups, but as each charged towards the other an avatar of the Passion Mynbruje appeared between the two, forbidding them to fight.

Mynbruje insisted that Dis justify her actions to the other Passions, and the Passion’s Champions were called upon to embody those Passions. Dis presented her case to the gathered Passions, but each time was rebuked. Finally, unable to convince her fellow Passions, she flew in a rage off to Thera, where she planned to build an army of followers and return to conquer Barsaive and enslave every Ork of Cara Fahd. Lochost knew that Thera needed his influence more than ever, and that the people of Thera all needed to be freed, body and mind. To this end, he asked Valaria if she would become his Questor and Champion, and bring change and freedom to the Theran Empire. Valaria accepted, and her destiny began.

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The Citadel of Tirthon

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