The Heart of Gold

The Heart of Gold is the personal airship of Captain Hanso K’tanga. The Heart was the replacement for her last airship, which was stolen by the Therans and then destroyed during the Battle of Sky Mountain. The Heart of Gold has a distinctive golden paint job which lets it clearly stand out from other vessels of its type.

The Heart is a galleon, and has a massive crew and cargo capacity. Captain K’tanga’s reputation means she never has much difficulty attracting crews or business, and she has traveled across the world and back for a variety of causes including diplomacy, exploration, and even rescue. In addition to the usual air sailor crew, she also has a Questor of Garlen and a Questor of Floranuus aboard, as well as other adepts of various disciplines that may be traveling with her.

Captain K’tanga tends to be a reckless pilot, especially in battle. She has employed several unorthodox combat tactics, some based on the tactics of riverboat pilots. Her Air Sailors are heavily schooled in combat as well as air sailing and navigation, and they are as effective as Sky Raiders in combat.

The Heart of Gold rescued The Passion’s Champions when they escaped the dungeons of Iopos, and escorted them to Charcoalgrin’s hideout in the Delaris Mountains. They later encountered it again during the Iopan War in Jerris, where it had been captured by the occupying forces. The Passion’s Champions rescued Captain K’tanga and together they pursued and destroyed Mara Corovan as she attempted to escape.

GM Commentary:

The Heart of Gold is the name of the ship from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I have always thought it was a sweet freakin’ name for a vessel, so I used it.

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The Heart of Gold

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