The Passions Champions

The Passion’s Champions are an adventuring group founded by Nazeer Narinian, Phylinius Goldstar, and Buulgath Ghosttouched. They were originally Named The Samsarans, after their home village of Samsara, but after years of adventuring and acquiring several other members from other areas, they chose to rename the group to reflect their new goals and greater vision as Barsavian heroes.

The current members of the Passion’s Champions are Nazeer Narinian, Brimmel Troddenfoot, Sigurd Shadowback, Trostlos Blut-Tanzer, and Valaria Florrent Darkfire. Past members have included Phylinius Goldstar, Buulgath Ghosttouched, Illusandra Venehtari, and Nonrock Nehem. According to some legends, there was once a member Named Tarnash Sworddropper, but no evidence has been found to support this.

GM Commentary:

The Passion’s Champions is the Name the guys gave to their group when they decided to make a group pattern to weave threads to. Valaria objected to “The Samsarans”, as she was not from Samsara, nor were any other members aside from Nazeer and Phylinius. The irony that the acronym for Passion’s Champions is PCs (player characters) was not lost on me.

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The Passions Champions

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