The testimony of Morgrim Maltaka

This writing was found in a journal in the Western Catacombs of the Forgotten City of Parlainth. It details the confession of Morgrim Maltaka, a Theran mage from the city’s ancient past.

My Name is Malgrim Mortaka, and I go now to what may be my doom. I am a Wizard of the great Theran city of Parlainth, and I have had the honor of serving the Empire for nearly 40 years. During my time, I have spent many, many hours in study and experimentation with one aim: to find a way to protect the city of Parlainth from the coming Scourge. I am not alone in my task. Many of the Empire’s finest minds have worked alongside me, and we have all made many sacrifices. However, we may have made one too many, and doomed our beautiful city.

During our time of study, we have taken many chances and performed more than a few acts that might be deemed foolish. However, our greatest crime was this: in our attempt to understand them, we have summoned Horrors to Parlainth. We have sought to bind them and control them, and use them for our experiments. Only in this way could we have gained the knowledge we sought! Our aim was only the safety of our city and the protection of our fellow Name-givers! But it is clear now that our foolish pride has lead to our downfall. Our city is overrun with Horrors. Even now, I can hear the sound of the battles not far from us. There is no escape for us. We cannot leave the city until it returns to the Material Plane. So we must fight to regain it.

Our experiments have not provided us with the results we had hoped for, so we must resort to more extreme methods. Traezeme designed the spell, Ruitel and Erika say that it may work. The short stick fell to me when we drew lots, so I am to be the one to face the Horror alone. My colleagues refused to send me into battle unprotected, and for that I am grateful. I will pass through the Elemental Fountains of Earth, Fire, Air and Water before I face the Horror. I only hope that merging with this dreadful creature will give me the strength I need to save Parlainth. If not, I will have become one with a Horror for naught.

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The testimony of Morgrim Maltaka

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