The ancient Dwarf Kingdom of Throal was founded more than 1000 years before the Scourge, and has stood as a bastion of civilization and freedom since shrugging of the chains of Theran dominance after the Scourge. Although Throal is a Dwarf kingdom, it has come to represent all of Barsaive in the eyes of the world. The King of Throal is sometimes mistakenly referred to as the King of Barsaive, although he has no real authority outside of the Dwarven realm.

Throal sheltered thousands of Name-givers during the Long Night, and in that time they hammered out the Council Compact, outlining the laws of Throal and openly defying the Theran Empire. After the Scourge, Throal led the various nations and factions of Barsaive in war against the Therans, repelling them from Barsaive more than once. They also united the Barsaivian forces under one banner during the Iopan War, and led the campaign to defeat the ambitions of the Denairastas clan.

After the cataclysm that destroyed the isle of Thera, Throal’s neighbor Bartertown was overrun by Reavers, and Throal itself came under siege by the forces of Raggok, who had long since sworn to topple the Dwarf kingdom. Raggok’s Champion Nonrock Nehem has led repeated assaults with groups of Reavers, attempting to smash down Throal’s gates and lay waste to all that lives within.

Places in Throal:


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