The Titans are gigantic humanoid creatures created and bred for battle by the Heavenherds of Thera. They stand nearly 20 feet tall, although they often walk stooped over, their giant hands dragging on the ground. The various types of Titans encountered have had different appearances and equipment, although they are usually extremely heavily armored and equipped with powerful magical protections.

The Heavenherds have been perfecting the art of creating life for centuries. The Titans were created more recently, using the power of the Mad Passion Dis to enhance their own magic. Each Titan is crafted from the body parts of still-living Name-givers, usually slaves. The body parts are taken from the slaves, who are then kept alive in some distant safe location, their combined life force feeding the Titans and granting them their tremendous strength. The Titans are often enhanced with additional magical powers, usually a simple combat spell they can cast repeatedly while closing to melee range to take advantage of their great strength.

The Passion’s Champions first encountered Titans in Marac, where they were fielded against the Azazelim by a group of Theran Adepts led by Alexander Atreides. They have since encountered them in Indrisia and on the Great Isle itself, usually commanded or controlled by a Heavenherd mage.

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