The trading city of Urupa lies on the shores of the Aras Sea in southeastern Barsaive. It was founded by the members of several different kaers in the area, as well as the displaced members of the Nehem Liferock Brotherhood. It is a fairly metropolitan city by Barsaivian standards, due to the constant influx of trade and visitors from the dozens of cities around the Aras Sea.

The Passion’s Champions first came to Urupa seeking adventure, and were hired by a terrified merchant who believed he was being stalked by a Harbinger of Death itself. The Passion’s Champions eventually determined that the Harbinger was not sent by death, but was merely the shade of a wronged lover sent by the Mad Passion Raggok to have revenge against the merchant.

Many years later, during the Iopan War, Nazeer encountered the Horror Hash-aa-gik in the Urupa market, who taunted him before seeming to vanish into the crowd.

After the cataclysm that destroyed Thera, Urupa was besieged by aquatic undead and a resurgence of the dark power in The Abyss of Aras Nehem.

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