The province of Vasgothia is in the northernmost corner of the Empire, and is known as a the Empire’s breadbasket. Most of Vasgothia is devoted to huge tracts of farmland and ranching, and most of the Empire’s food is grown here.

During the Scourge, the Passions of Vasgothia fought the Horrors directly. The Horrors were destroyed, but the Passions were also slain, and the remains of both their shattered bodies can be found in certain parts of Vasgothia, most notably in the Deep Forest. The Great Elf Sulluvia gave Valaria one of these “Fruits of the Passions”, granting Valaria the ability to control the winds.

The barbarian tribe of Vasgothia have long attempted to drive the Therans out of their lands, but for many years lacked the organization, training and manpower to successfully resist the mighty Theran military machine. When the Passion’s Champions arrived in Vasgothia, they bolstered the strength of the barbarian resistance by freeing thousands of slaves, and made powerful allies against the Therans including Sulluvia and the Dragon Burr-hide.

Sigurd Shadowback was born in Vasgothia, and after the battle following the freeing of the slaves from Prosperity Wells, chose to follow the Passion’s Champions and adventure with them.

Places in Vasgothia:


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