Welcome, traveler.

I am the Nameless One, and I am curator of the Library of Legends. You have come here in search of something, in search of a legend to inspire you. Look no further, for here there is written every legend, every story and every song ever sung about any hero, in any age and at any time. The magic of this place sustains and creates these books, and I fulfill my part by reading them all.

Sit here, by my fire, and let me tell you of the Passion’s Champions. Brave adventurers all, each of them once powerful Adepts, now ascended to become Passions. Alone, they could never have achieved the full potential of their greatness, but together, they stood against unspeakable evil and laid it low. In their time as mortals they traveled the world, made many friends, gained powerful allies and even more powerful enemies. They fought terrible Horrors, battled the Mad Passions and changed the fate of kingdoms and empires. They wielded magic as no heroes before them ever had, and created legends of their own that will last for eternity.

In the end, they gave their own lives willingly in the defense of all Name-givers everywhere, and sacrificed themselves to cleanse the taint of the Mad Passions. For their selflessness in defense of the Passions, those same Passions elevated their former Champions to stand with them for eternity, and their countenances have been written in the stars. Take a seat beside me, and let me tell you of the days of high adventure…

GM Commentary:

Welcome one and all to BakuDan’s Epic Earthdawn game! I’ve been running this game since 2002, the longest single run of any one game I’ve ever had, and I’ve finally wrapped it up. It’s fair to say that this game is my magnum opus, at least until I start another one. I’ve put more work into this game than any other before, and I have learned a great deal as well. I feel like I have progressed a lot as a GM because of this massive experience. Perhaps one day I’ll run something even bigger.

I have expanded on the existing Earthdawn universe a bit as we’ve played, putting in my own twists and changes, as well as stealing liberally from other sources and other games. I have also postulated on things that are mentioned or even just hinted at in the various Earthdawn books, and I have relished revealing the best-kept secrets of the game universe slowly to my players, always in game. I have also thrown in surprises and curve balls, betrayals and triumphs, setbacks and hardships, adventure, drama, action, thrills, spills, chills and romance! This has also been a very cinematic style game, even to the point of us choosing actors for the PCs and several of the popular NPCs, just for our own amusement of course.

I am slowly but constantly updating this site. Some things are complete, most things are haphazardly filled in because I felt like working on them at the time, and you may find several omissions as you explore. As of 3/12/2009, I have finished writing all the information for the NPCs, and the wiki section, and I am now starting to catch up on the adventure journal. There are enough adventures that it might take me a very long time to finish it, but I will get them all in because I don’t want to lose a bit of this story. I am also trying to improve the navigation throughout the wiki, as the tools provided for that are rather poor. I’m leaving much of the cross-referencing and linking until the end, because several things have nothing to link to yet.

Thanks for looking, and feel free to contact me at this site with any comments or questions.

EarthDawn - The Age of Legends

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