Jawbone was the Horror who defeated the hero Venna before the Scourge. The two battled to the death in a tiny village hidden in a valley in the Delaris Mountains. When Jawbone finally slew Venna, she pronounced a dying curse upon him: since Venna had died without ever knowing love, she cursed Jawbone to love her for all eternity. A dire curse indeed for a Horror, it built a shrine to her and pined away in the valley, tormenting the stunted residents of the village for his amusement.

Eventually, Venna’s sister ventured to the valley in search of her lost sibling, and Jawbone, thinking it was Venna, immediately proposed to her. Venna’s sister knew what she was facing, and finally managed to escape with her sister’s magical treasures by promising to return and marry Jawbone, after informing her family. Satisfied with her promise and inclined to grant her anything she asked anyway, Jawbone allowed her to leave, and the sister wisely never returned.

Centuries later, the Passion’s Champions ventured into the valley again, looking for the final key knowledges for Venna’s Armor. Jawbone had begun to unravel the curse on him, hating the awful sensation of being in love. He had managed to give himself a reprieve from the sensation, usually in the darkest hours of the night, but he was still trapped in the valley. However, upon seeing Valaria in Venna’s armor he fell in love all over again, and insisted that “Venna” honor her promise to marry him.

In time, the Passion’s Champions determined what had happened, and confronted Jawbone about it. Wary of angering such a powerful Horror, Valaria forced him to accept that she was not Venna, and that Venna was dead. Seeing all this gave Jawbone a break from the curse, long enough to express his disgust at having to feel love, and at being trapped by such a ruse. He escorted the PCs to Venna’s crypt, where they saw an image of a golden apple. Jawbone however, could not see it, and Valaria told him to reach out and touch it, to better understand what they were seeing. The apple, a symbol of unrequited love, was the final trap for Jawbone, and he disintegrated into dust upon touching it.

GM Commentary:

Jawbone was a Horror I had built up and built up over time, as Angela wanted to get those really great final thread ranks on Venna’s Armor, but she was worried about facing the Horror. When they finally arrived, they were loaded for bear, expecting a massive fight. The look on their faces when Jawbone proposed to Valaria was one of the finest moments in my GMing career.

Jawbone’s theme was actually that of love, strangely enough. I decided that as beings that feed on negative emotions, positive ones were anathema to Horrors and actually could repel them. This is a theme I’ve tossed back and forth within the background of the game, especially when dealing with Trostlos’ enlightenment. It is also hinted at in the Indrisia section of the Thera sourcebook, when talking about how Indrisia weathered the Scourge.


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