Carath Vibius Medari

Theran Merchant & Valaria's Older Brother


Carath Vibius Medari is the eldest son in Valaria’s family, and manages the family’s slave trading operation in Indrisia. As a non-Adept, his best hope for success in his house was to become a competent accountant and administrator, and he devoted more than 20 years of his life to pursuing that goal. As he grew older, however, he realized that he had little aside from silver to show for all his efforts. He was too busy to marry, and had long since estranged himself from the rest of his family. Eventually, he found that all he wanted was a connection to his siblings, some kind of human contact.

Then Valaria arrived in Indrisia unexpectedly. Despite knowing she was wanted, he invited her to dinner and attempted to get to know her better. He found her devotion to a Passion odd, but he genuinely tried to understand her mindset, while trying to reconnect with his sibling. In the end, Valaria used her Questor powers to give him a change of heart regarding the slave trade, and planted the seeds of rebellion against their father in his mind. She then left, leaving Carath to whatever fate would bring him.

As it turns out, Carath took her words to heart and began to use his connections, influence and wealth to support both the slave rescue operations in Indrisia and Phylinius & Illusandra’s rebellion against the Therans in Calcutana. He has delighted in rebelling against a system he feels stole much of his life, and has proven an invaluable ally in the battle against slavery and tyranny in Indrisia.

Carath is portrayed by Jason Alexander.

GM Commentary:

I think it’s important to use as much of the story elements your players give you as possible. When Angela gave me a huge family tree, I knew I wanted to use at least some of them. It’s a big world, after all, and sometimes you lose touch with even those members of your family you were close with. I threw Carath at her as a curve ball, because he was so removed from her life she didn’t know what to expect from him, but she knew he was an in-depth part of the slave trade and might cause her some trouble. In the end, we had a very good role-playing session, Carath basically coming off as the weary executive who realizes he’s wasted his life, and Valaria giving him something of a second wind with her unexpected use of Questor powers on him. Though we might never see him again, I like the way this NPC ultimately turned out.

Carath Vibius Medari

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