Brimmel Troddenfoot

Dwarf Weaponsmith and Horror Stalker


Brimmel Troddenfoot was born into the Troddenfoot family of Throal, a long and distinguished line of Weaponsmiths. His family founded The Sun Forge, and their clients included several famous heroes over the centuries, including Naaman Y’ross and Thom Hammerblade. Brimmel learned the Discipline of the Weaponsmith from his grandfather, and was prepared to follow in his footsteps like any good Dwarf would. However, fate had another plan.

When the Huari Rebellion struck Throal, agents of the Mad Passions Raggok and Vestrial rained death into the streets and houses of the Dwarf Kingdom, killing indiscriminately. Thousands of Name-givers died that day in the chaos and madness, and Brimmel’s family was slain. However, through the chaos a lone Human stood out calling for order, and commanded a group of Name-givers back through the streets to defend the castle. Brimmel was swept along by the force of personality that Phylinius wielded that day, and fought alongside The Passion’s Champions to defend King Neden from the assassins. Once the day was won, however, Brimmel found he had lost everything in the fighting. He returned to Phylinius and asked if the PCs would take him in, and he began to adventure with them.

In time, they journeyed to the ancient city of Emmerlich in the fallen Human Kingdom of Landis. While exploring the ruins, Brimmel came across a priceless relic: the rusted, battered form of the sword Purifier. Determined to unlock it’s secrets, Brimmel began to use his Weaponsmith Talents on it to learn more about it. However, each attempt yielded nothing. Frustrated, Brimmel consulted with a Weaponsmith in the city of Urupa. This Weaponsmith told him more about the weapon’s legend, information that was only shared by Weaponsmiths among each other: When the weapon was created, the Horrors feared it greatly and sought it out to destroy it. Several dozen false Purifiers were made and scattered across Barsaive in the hopes that any Horror who found one and destroyed it would stop searching for it. The real Purifier, he said, would only reveal itself to someone worthy of wielding the legendary blade. Determined to be worthy, and determined that he did in fact have the real Purifier, Brimmel continued to focus his efforts on the blade.

He did not have any success in seeing past the illusions on the weapon, but he did have some strange insights. He stubbornly insisted on wielding it in battle against Horrors and powerful creatures, despite it’s obvious age and fragility. In one instance, it actually broke, although the next morning the two pieces were rejoined. On rare occasions, the blade would manifest, just for a moment, a sharp shiny appearance, as though the rusted relic were suddenly restored to power. However, nothing Brimmel did would make the Purifier give up it’s secrets to him.

While in Throal, a distant uncle caught up to Brimmel and gave him an ancient family tome from his great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather Grieg Troddenfoot. In the tome, Grieg describes how he was commissioned to craft the Purifier by King Varulus I before the Scourge. Emboldened by this knowledge, Brimmel devoted even more time to the study of the blade. During this time, the Horror Hash-aa-gik manifested in Throal and led Nazeer on a chase through the city. The rest of the Passion’s Champions pursued it as well, but none were fast enough to keep up with Nazeer, least of all Brimmel.

By the time Brimmel arrived on the scene, Nazeer was dead and Hash-aa-gik had incapacitated the remaining PCs. Boldly pulling the Purifier from his pack, Brimmel rushed the powerful Horror, swinging doggedly at him. Hash-aa-gik mocked Brimmel, toying with him, until finally deciding to end the game and crush him. Suddenly, Hash-aa-gik found his attacks repelled by a brilliant glow surrounding Brimmel, and the Dwarf began to grow stronger and fiercer in his attacks, determined to use the power of Purifier to strike him down. Finally, uttering a powerful oath and focusing all his power into the blade, the Purifier exploded in a brilliant flash, dispelling the rusted blade and leaving a shining, pure, and most importantly sharp weapon in Brimmel’s hand. In one mighty blow, Brimmel slashed Hash-aa-gik through the heart, destroying his physical form and banishing him back to astral space. In that moment, Brimmel also manifested his Lightbearer powers, although he never officially joined the order officially despite repeated invitations.

Many, many years later, Brimmel learned that the Horrors had in fact found the real Purifier during the Scourge, and took great pleasure in destroying it. Brimmel’s determination, perseverance, and indomitable will actually reforged the Purifier in that incredible moment, reconnecting the pattern of the great sword to the material plane and creating a weapon that is actually more powerful than the original.

After the Passion’s Champions escaped from Iopos, Brimmel was heartbroken to have lost the Purifier to the Denairastas. However, he was determined to get it back no matter the cost, and began making plans for a companion weapon to be wielded alongside it. In Vivane Province, he asked Magnus to teach him the Horror Stalker Discipline. Magnus obliged, swearing a blood oath to Brimmel and mingling his blood with Brimmel’s. This had the effect of passing on Magnus’ strange blood-consuming ability to Brimmel, apparently an effect of Magnus being one of the Magra. Brimmel has used the blood-drinking power rarely, mostly when in dire need of health or an edge in combat.

Over the years Brimmel has crafted several items for his own use or for his allies. From the skin of the Horror Eight-Arms he crafted a suit of leather armor he Named Fear. From the skin of Maxwell Silverhammer he created a pair of bracers for Nazeer. He has also made several smaller items used by the group, and helped maintain their gear over the years of their travels. But his greatest work is his Heartblade, the sword known as Nightbringer’s Legacy.

As he traveled, Brimmel learned of an ancient spirit named Nightbringer. According to legend, Nightbringer stood against Verjigorm at the beginning of time, and the blood it shed became the first dragons when it splashed on the earth. Determined to invoke this ancient being’s blessing upon his Heartblade, which he had Named Nightbringer’s Legacy, he asked a group of mages in Shosara to attempt to summon the spirit. During the ritual, time itself seemed to slow to a halt, and a black figure appeared before Brimmel, asking what he was wanted. When he explained his purpose to Nightbringer, it asked him if he was willing to sacrifice to gain the power he wanted. When he said he was, time returned to it’s normal flow, and the magicians seemed to think the summoning had failed. Brimmel however, knew it had succeeded – his Lightbearer powers were gone.

Determined to honor his side of the bargain without knowing what the eventual outcome might be, or if he had even spoken to the real Nightbringer, Brimmel carried on adventuring and put the finishing touches on Nightbringer’s Legacy. When the Passion’s Champions returned to Barsaive, Brimmel fought his double in the streets of Jerris, while the city burned and the Reavers slaughtered the inhabitants. When the duel ended, time again seemed to slow, and Brimmel was offered a choice – choose the light or the darkness. Brimmel chose the darkness, to better strike at his foes unseen, and Nightbringer finally fulfilled it’s end of the bargain, empowering Nightbringer’s Legacy beyond anything Brimmel had imagined. Now wielding Purifier Reforged and Nightbringer’s Legacy together, Brimmel had finally become the most powerful Horror slayer the world had ever known and fulfilled his destiny.

After the Iopan War, King Neden granted Brimmel the title of Baron in gratitude for saving his life, and by extension the entire Kingdom of Throal. Brimmel has since become a close confidant of Neden’s, and was even asked by His Majesty to aid him in finding a suitable wife to carry on his line. However, with the destruction of the Great Isle and the siege of Throal by the forces of Raggok, this project has been put on the back burner until life is stable enough that there are time for such niceties. Brimmel remains loyal to the Dwarf Kingdom, and is considered one of it’s greatest champions.

During the Battle of Aras Nehem, Brimmel and the rest of the Passion’s Champions willingly sacrificed their very existences to destroy the Horror Ristul, who was the source of the corruption of the Mad Passions. They succeeded in destroying Ristul and cleansing the Passions, and for his sacrifice Brimmel was brought back to the world of the living as the Passion of Determination, Perseverance, and Indomitable Spirit, and he now stands over all those who never give up and never surrender, no matter the odds.

GM Commentary:

Brimmel and the Purifier is one of those routines that made me think that somehow either the dice or the players knew what their destinies really were. When Brimmel got ahold of the Purifier, he immediately starting using his Item History Talent on it, trying to unlock it’s power. However, as we know now, this item was not the Purifier, and I had decided that Brimmel was going to find that out when he finally succeeded on a roll. However, Jeff never once succeeded on an Item History roll on that thing. Even pumping tons of LP into the Talent to crank it up, his dice always screwed him and he was never able to succeed on a roll, so he never learned he wasn’t wielding the real thing. All the instances of Purifier suddenly “manifesting” for a moment, usually when Jeff rolled a critical hit with the thing were meant to be clues to his ultimate destiny, and keep him going with the sword even after he found out it was a fake. However, I never needed to use that material, and those instances just ended up being horrible “teases” for Jeff, who by the end was desperate to wield the power of the weapon. Even when he completed his task and slew Gik, he still was waiting for Purifier to turn back into a rusty blade again, poor guy.

I really feel that Jeff himself has grown a great deal through playing Brimmel. When he first joined us, he was kind of a pushover, the guy everyone picks on and who can never seem to get a break. Brimmel started out much the same, missing constantly on combat rolls and often being the first to fall in a fight. Having him be the central hero of the encounter with Hash-aa-gik, and being the only person who could beat him seemed to create a transformation within Jeff himself, and the very next session he seemed like a different person. Since that day, both Brimmel and Jeff have had a never-say-die attitude, and I can only guess what that’s done for Jeff’s personal life. Personally speaking, I have been extremely proud to see where Jeff has gone with his character and his life, and I point to him as the proof that roleplaying games are a good tool for personal growth and transformation as well as fun and enjoyment.

Brimmel Troddenfoot

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