The Iron Legacy

The Iron Legacy is a group devoted to the worship of the Mad Passion Dis, and committed to enslaving every Ork in Barsaive and destroying the Ork Nation of Cara Fahd. The Iron Legacy is based mostly in the province of Vivane, but has agents throughout southwestern Barsaive and Landis.

During the Iopan War, Flametongue sold both Krathis Gron and Neden to the Legacy, intending to use their capture and enslavement to destabilize Barsaive and create chaos. The Passions Champions managed to rescue them with the aid of Twiceborn’s undead patrols.

After the Iopan War, the Iron Legacy continued preying on the Orks of Cara Fahd, and Valaria and Brimmel and The Broken Chains battled them wherever they appeared. Since Twiceborn declared slavery illegal in her domain, the Legacy has had a harder time getting past Vivane’s undead patrols and into Cara Fahd.

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The Iron Legacy

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