The Scythan Crusade

The Scythan Crusade was founded by the Dwarf Horror Stalker Grathus the Unyielding and his adventuring companions, after they returned from delving into Scytha loaded down with Orichalcum. They used their new found wealth to organize and fund an army of Name-givers to retake the ancient kingdom, cleaning out the Horrors and recovering Scytha’s lost treasures.

Despite their resources and the nobility of their cause, the Crusade ran into several problems. Alaina Darkstrider, weary of the life of a Horror Stalker, stole several artifacts and murdered a Dwarven Scholar to escape from the Crusade. Grathus sent The Passion’s Champions to bring her back, but she died battling a Wormskull Horror before they could rescue her. Her lover Lathan, sick that he had aided in her betrayal, walked alone into Scytha to atone for his misdeeds.

Later, the Drake Maxwell Silverhammer appeared at the Crusade in disguise as a Dwarf, offering aid and reinforcements. His offer was a trap, however, and he usurped control of the Crusade from Grathus, and began pushing the Crusaders deeper into the ruins in search of something. When the Passion’s Champions returned to the Crusade, they confronted Silverhammer about his duplicity, and he transformed into dragon form, captured a handful of relics and melted the rest into slag with his fiery breath, before taking off into the skies. With this final blow and the death of Grathus, the Crusade finally collapsed, and the Passion’s Champions led the remaining weary Crusaders back down off the mountain and back to Throal.

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The Scythan Crusade

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